Cake it easy & Devhouse: Successful partnership story

Cake it easy & Devhouse: Successful partnership story


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We’ve already shared a few cases we had over the years. It’s time to talk about the project that’s been with Devhouse longer than any. In the tech world - almost for eternity.

Cake It Easy is a project that started off of a personal need. Both founders Marius and Haakon are sons of bakers and at first they simply wanted to help their own families to sell cakes easier and more conveniently. Soon they realized that the idea was too good to keep a secret. They decided to share this approach and combine the baking traditions with modern technology.

Our collaboration began in 2013. Back then Cake It Easy was a simpler platform built on a website building tool that was popular in Norway at the time. It was quite bulky and required high maintenance. Our solution at first was to build a wrapper around it to make it more user-friendly, interactive, and easier to support.

The first version we built together was based on C#, Web API tech stack, and powered by Angular 1.x as a frontend solution. To help maintain most of the processes we also extended the platform with an Admin panel.

In 2017 with the project growing, we realized that dependency on the old core system was no longer possible.

We decided to rewrite the platform completely and it became a big iteration with a new tech stack: Python (Django + DRF) and Angular.

We were also releasing Cake It Easy in Sweden, so there were many things going on at the same time. Devhouse was thriving to make it all happen seamlessly to ensure successful completion of this stage.

As we were migrating to a new tech stack we also had to migrate all the data. With the orders piling up and new bakeries joining the system, we couldn’t allow the loss of any information. Those were a few very stressful days for the team but we managed to resolve this situation. In the end, we migrated all the structurally complex data to the new platform, including orders, bakeries, and their stock.

When we got full control over the solution, we were able to change everything we wanted. That’s when Cake It Easy really began.

Devhouse is proud of the team Cake It Easy has at the moment. It was never big. With only a frontend and a backend developer, a QA tester, and a team lead, we managed to create an advanced platform.

Communication was always our strong side. We make sure each step was clear, absolutely necessary, and beneficial for the project.

At the moment, Cake It Easy is not just a marketplace anymore. It is more complex and is focused on many different aspects to create a Shopify for Bakeries. Being in the business for ages, Cake It Easy knows bakeries’ needs like nobody else.

Devhouse is the core part of the platform. We do full-cycle development, including CI/CD and complex data-migrations. Lately, we have also started to actively help with Design.

An ambitious new iteration is coming up, where Cake It Easy would allow bakeries to use their platform to set up their product page in just a few clicks.

Basically, any bakery will be able to get its own website using our solution. The goal is challenging but achievable, and we believe we are pretty close!

There are a lot of upcoming challenges, but we are working hard to ensure long-term success for Cake It Easy. It sure can be the best platform for bakeries the world has ever seen!