Business administration made easy: Bizbot

Business administration made easy: Bizbot


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What company doesn’t want to manage its shares and shareholders effectively?

Bizbot is a service that enables companies to get an overview of shares and convertible notes and simplifies business administration.

When we first got to work with it, the tech stack was pretty impressive. It had everything from Node.js and Java, to Python and C#. As the project kept growing and had to serve more and more clients and get more features, the management of its backlog became quite overwhelming. The Kubernetes was not able to orchestrate everything in a timely manner, not to mention the price for the server maintenance.

After a few months of battling with this beast, we realized that the project needed a way higher speed of innovation. As it often happens in traditional software development, as the complexity grows, the speed of innovation drops. Every new sprint had fewer and fewer new features due to the nature of the software.

The team decided to rebuild the entire BizBot platform from scratch using MARS (software development engine).

A project that’s been developing for over 2 years by a team of developers, was swiftly moved to a whole new, easy-to-operate system in just 6 months by 1 developer.

We have changed several features with reports and paid options, addressing the main issues Bizbot clients had. Overall, working with MARS got our clients an opportunity to fully control what is happening on the project. Because the MARS system is clear and understandable to non-technical employees, communication is much easier and provides faster responses and change.

Why was it so much easier?

On MARS there are no limitations towards the kind of technologies and languages you are using. You can implement pretty much anything you want, and since MARS is written on itself, it allows instant changes not only on your project but on the system itself. So, you can twist and turn MARS until it suits all your needs.

After the transfer Bizbot became easier to navigate, less technical, allowing other developers to go in and create new features, and use it as a platform for each company’s needs.

The server maintenance got faster and 10 times cheaper, giving an opportunity to allocate funds to other issues.

What is the future of Bizbot? We definitely think it’s bright. The recent features that were introduced on Bizbot are Meeting App, Captable, Discussion channels, and Digital signature.

  • Captable has all the basic information about the company, shareholders, assets, etc. It serves investors need to know what company is involved in.

  • Discussion channels allow employees to talk within the channel, depending on its topic, assigned people, and privacy. Communication is important in any business, so we feel like this feature gives Bizbot even more credibility.

  • Digital signature speaks for itself. Each document should be signed, right? So, instead of having a chat app and various document signing platform subscriptions, you can use Bizbot with all the features.

  • And the most exciting one for today is the Meeting App. It is a video call feature for your General Assembly Meetings. Inside this feature, you can create a meeting, attach all the necessary files, have a discussion or a vote. All the information inside will be processed and showcased for the decision-making process. You can simply use the data and sign your documents right away in the meeting using your Digital signature.

As you see, when it comes to handling big data for companies, Bizbot is a one-stop-shop, giving you so many solutions within just one platform. The tech stack on MARS is pretty intuitive and self-explanatory, which allows other developers to go in, and create other features that would address other needs.

Therefore, building and integrating apps on MARS is way easier than using API and will save companies time and money.

In the long-term, we are planning to introduce the Bizbot marketplace. The place where developers will share their apps for Bizbot up for grabs. Develop free apps or sell something unique to help companies become even more efficient and tech-friendly.

Didrik Martens, CEO: “My vision for BizBot is to become an operating software for companies where you can *connect any business administration tool in the world. Personalize Bizbot to whatever needs your company has, and, eventually, be able to substitute any company management system with it.

You can build apps on top of BizBot or build a connector using Mars.

We are already testing that now, and it looks very promising. Any big company would find it a lot easier to operate, communicate and share information within the structure, on top of saving time and money on operating systems.”*